E.C. Elbrus Capital Investment Limited

Institutional Investments in Eastern Europe since 1998

Elbrus Capital was founded in July 2009 as a spin-off from Polar Capital Holdings, a large London-based global asset management group. The company’s core business is institutional equity asset management focusing on markets in Emerging Europe including Central Europe, Russia and Turkey. The manager and its team of professionals have over 21 years of experience investing in this region. The company is committed to transparency, quality of reporting, investors service excellence and sustainable growth of assets under management. Clients are benchmarked and non-benchmarked.

Our hallmarks include a value-based investment approach combining a fundamental research-intensive bottom-up stock picking process for portfolio construction together with a proprietary model-based top-down macro overlay to actively manage portfolio exposure. Our independent and robust investment process has successfully overcome numerous challenging and proving market cycles and has delivered attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors.

If you require more information and you are a professional, qualified investor please email us at info@elbrus-capital.com or leave your email